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Wholesale alpaca Shawls INCASTREASURES,
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Incastreasures wholesale Alpaca Shawls

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Very Important: Incastreasures is a very serious company. Don't be fool of some companies that offer 100% baby alpaca in their catalogs and when you got the products, what you receive are low quality alpaca blended.



Andean Shawl Pink Spring - Baby Rabbit

Picture (click to Zoom)

Code: rabbit-shawl-04

Rabbit Andean Shawl Pink Spring - Product id: rabbit-shawl-04 Photo03

Rabbit Andean Shawl kututu qhusi - Product id: rabbit-shawl-07 Rabbit Andean Shawl kututu yunka - Product id: rabbit-shawl-08 

180 x 50 cm.
70.9 x 19.7 inches
Weight Kg: 0.380  kg
Weight Pounds: 0.84
Price KIT of 10: USD$ 199

The perfect add for your Shawl

Bull Horn Eco Jewelry Apparel Accessories

Picture (click to Zoom)

Code: Home-decor10-17

7 x 7 cm. aprox
3 x 3 inches" approx.
Weight Kg: 0.018 kg
Weight Pounds: 0.04
Price: USD$ 4.75
Price for Kit of 10 Units: USD$ 34.99
- Each piece is handmade and size and color might vary.
- Avoid contact with water
- if it occurs dry thoroughly.
Prices may change without any prior notification. Being handmade products most of them, designs and colors can vary slightly from the pictures.


If you need more information, you can write us anytime in our email:
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We offer a wide variety of Wholesale alpaca Shawls , we have Baby alpaca Shawls, we offer quick production , high quality, clear pictures so you will  be able to see with details the products. Incastreasures offers experience, quality, and efficient service, you can contact us anytime , request your online catalog, we can give you advice of which product sell most, so you will see your business growing faster.

How do you fill your order:

* Just send us an email with the codes and quantities that you want, we will offer several shipping and payment options to help you decide.

Don't forget to let us know which payment option do you prefer. We accept, Credit card ,Paypal, Western Union, Wire Transfer.

Thank you for your interest in our Wholesale Alpaca Shawls. If you are interested  to acquire alpaca wholesale SHAWLS products for your existing store ,on your farm or ranch , please send us an email and include your address and contact information. No special licensees are need to to receive wholesale prices.

We invite you to visit every area of wholesale alpaca products  that allows you to begin selling the finest quality alpaca merchandise and have all your needs addressed. You will see how your business grow very fast with our products, we will work with you to be sure that you succeed. We can help you place your order based on our best sellers, in case you are not sure what to order. We can manage volume pricing too.

We will provide you with the minimum purchase requirements needed for alpaca wholesale accounts, along with other pertinent information that you will find very useful.

Whether you chose from our alpaca wholesale catalog, we assure you only the finest quality merchandise assures you of pure alpaca products. We also carry a small assortment of blended products however all items are clearly marked. You have our commitment that you will get what you pay for, top quality styles, and top quality alpaca fiber by a company you can trust, you can cover all your clients needs for gifts, fashion, souvenirs. We have many years of experience selling all over the world all the year.